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Google Play in Romania

In momentul de fata, Google Play este extrem de limitat in Romania- categoriile Movies, Music si Books nu pot fi accesate. Singurul modul pe care il avem in clipa de fata la dispozitie este Apps & Games care, practic, nu reprezinta altceva decit binecunoscutul Android Market, intr-o forma aproape identica. Exceptind URL-ul si logo-ul Google Play, structura arata la fel. Achizitionarea aplicatiilor se face, de asemenea, la fel, utilizind contul de utilizator Google, asociat cu un card bancar. Data la care toate categoriile din Google Play vor deveni disponibile in tara noastra nu poate fi estimata in momentul de fata. 

Cum poti accesa Google Play Music in Romania

Pasul 1 Atunci cind un utilizator vrea sa se conecteze la serviciul Google  Play Music i se verifica IP-ul. Daca acesta nu este din Statele Unite, conectarea este blocata si primeste acest mesaj:  “We’re sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States” Se pare insa ca Google accepta conexiuni prin proxy-uri, ceea ce deschide o portita de intrare. Pentru a rezolva problema IP-ului  click AICI (romana) sau AICI (engleza) PRECIZARE: Dupa activarea serviciului, proxy-ul sau IP-ul din Statele Unite nu mai este necesar.

Pasul 2 Pentru a putea accesa comod si rapid muzica din cloud si pe dispozitivele compatibile Android instalati aplicatia Google Play Music. Daca o veti cauta pe Google Play Store, probabil ca nu va fi afisata pentru ca este disponibila exclusiv pentru SUA. In acest caz puteti descarca APK-ul aplicatiei de AICI pentru a o instala pe telefon sau tableta.

Pentru a afla cum puteti accesa toate serviciile Google Play de pe telefon sau tableta, indiferent de locatia voastra,  incercati si ACEST LINK (netestat)

Tasker: Automate everything from settings to photos, SMS to speech. ADC2 prize winner. Total Automation, from settings to SMS. * Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer * Actions: 175+ built-in, any Locale-compatible setting plugin * Tasks: loops, variables, conditions

SetCPU [2$] Overclocks (or Underclocks) Your Rooted Android Phone... use it to set your CPU's clock speed. This is useful if you have an older phone and would like to make it run a little faster, or if you have a newer AMOLED phone with an unnecessarily beastly processor and want to slow it down to save precious battery life

Type Fresh: Easily backup, restore, and replace your fonts on a rooted system! Type Fresh allows you to easily backup, restore, and replace your system fonts. After applying your fonts, you MUST reboot your system!

Font Changer: allows you to switch the default system font on your Android device (will replace the keyboard font too for a fresh typing experience). It creates an automatic backup of the default fonts at the beginning. When removing the application it should be done from inside its settings to restore your default fonts.

Screenshot It: Take a screenshot of your phone's screen. May require a rooted phone (depends on phone). Take a screenshot of your phone's screen, save as a jpg or png file, and share anywhere! - Crop screenshots - Draw and annotate screenshots - Screen shot status bar button - Shake to screen shot - Delayed screenshot timer




Vignette: With Vignette you get those wonderful artsy effects your friends love and a ton of straight shooting options that’ll make you leave your Point and Shoot at home. Not kidding, there’s over 68 different effects, 56 unique frames and a ton o’ shooting options like fixed focus, fast shot, steady shot, self timer, etc. $4.05.

Need for Speed: Shift: The best racing game on Android because of its impressively rich graphics and buttery smooth gameplay. You’ll pop your eyeballs out when you realise that this kind of game can work that well on your phone. $5.14.

Fruit Ninja: I don’t know what it is about chopping fruits that pop up on the screen, but slicing a sick multiple fruit combo with juicy visuals never felt so good. Simple gameplay that’s ridiculously addictive. $1.19.

SwiftKey Keyboard: The star feature of Swiftkey is its predictive text, it literally learns the way you type. We’re not kidding, Swiftkey will scan your SMS messages to see what words you’re most likely to use. You’ll feel like it can read your mind. Plus, it looks better than the stock Android keyboard. $2.05.